We will deliver a data-driven property management solution, dedicated to the smart building net-zero agenda. We use our in-house proprietary radar motion sensors which capture users in-out flow’s within a low power

Virens KPI
Virens Alert

Generate alert for abnormal events. Daily operation data patterns had been recorded and stored in our cloud platform. Any abnormal data patterns will trigger the alert system which shorten the repsonse time.

Business intelligence

Have business intelligence under operation data. User behaviour, operational pattern and feedforward management can be deployed with the help of these KPI data

Smart building energy resources usage and carbon footprint are captured and quantified by our IoT sensor network. Energy consumption standards according to our client’s real-time activities can be introduced into the property management industry. We use our in-house proprietary radar motion sensors which capture users in-out flow. User activities will interact with building HVAC to optimize the performance between users and the property. Building’s energy consumption can be optimized by capturing activities within the building using our proprietary radar motion sensors, The HVAC can be adjusted against the amount of occupancy in any particular area detected by the radar, which is 20 times fasters and privacy-free compared to common image-based  CCTVs.

Innovative IoT sensors are applicable in different industries. Aquaculture industry could further the development with the help of IoT environmental sensors. These sensors keep track of water quality, temperature, dissolved O2 level, turbidity and pH value.