Virens secures home care for elderly.

We capture home-alone elderly movement with our state-of-the-art millimeter-wave radar sensor solutions. We monitor and measure the overall mobility performance of the clients. Automated motion tracking solution captures users’ daily routine and mobility status. General health conditions can be evaluated by healthcare professionals.

Property Management KPI

With our bespoke building monitoring dashboard, property management can be totally digitized and automated. People Counting, toilet occupancy and consumables, accident alert can be monitored in real time thus help saving cost for routine checking.

Interactive HVAC control

Building’s energy consumption can be optimized by capturing activities within the building using our proprietary radar motion sensors, The HVAC can be adjusted against the amount of occupancy in any particular area detected by the radar, which is 20 times fasters and privacy free compared to common image-based  CCTVs.

Aquaculture innovation

Aquaculture industry can be sustainable by adopting environmental data captured by IoT sensors.